CHILKOOT PASS CLAIM – 10 POUNDS of Big Nugget Paydirt. This Paydirt is Considerably More Rich and Has Twice The Nuggets!

(23 customer reviews)

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  • Our CHILKOOT PASS PAYDIRT contains real GOLD from ALASKA and is loaded with only BIG NUGGETS and is CONSIDERABLY MORE RICH AND HAS TWICE THE NUGGETS compared to our Bonanza Creek Claim paydirt.
  • No small fines or tiny flakes, just BIG CHUNKY NUGS!
  • If you love gold nuggets, then BIG NUGGET PAYDIRT is for you!
  • All of our paydirt is pre-screened to about one-half inch, which makes it ready to pan.
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Big Nugget Paydirt only contains big chunky NUGGETS!

Join our thousands of satisfied customers!

Discover Big Nugget Paydirt on your gold panning adventure!

Only BIG NUGGETS in our paydirt.  Guaranteed!

Big Nugget Paydirt – Big Nuggets Guaranteed!

23 reviews for CHILKOOT PASS CLAIM – 10 POUNDS of Big Nugget Paydirt. This Paydirt is Considerably More Rich and Has Twice The Nuggets!

  1. John

    Nice bag of paydirt, wish I could give it 10 stars!

  2. Dylan

    I’ve tried others but Big Nugget is the best!

  3. Kelly

    Spent the afternoon panning this great paydirt!

  4. Sean

    The Chilkoot Pass claim is my favorite. I’ve collected 2 vials of gold so far.

  5. Samantha

    My friend told me about Big Nugget Paydirt. I’m glad I tried it and love the nuggets!

  6. Walter

    Found a big ole bunch of nuggets in my Chilkoot Pass paydirt!

  7. Dale

    The Chilkoot Pass paydirt is loaded with an amazing amount of nuggets!

  8. Wayne

    Love the Chilkoot Pass paydirt, gonna try the Hunker Creek claim next.

  9. Henry

    We found a lot of big nuggets in our pan, thanks Big Nugget Paydirt!

  10. Alan

    I’m on my 4th bag of Big Nugget Paydirt and am very happy their service.

  11. Sandra

    Fast shipping, great packaging, and best of all big nuggets.

  12. Joe

    Found a nugget in my paydirt before dumping it into the pan!

  13. Jack

    What a fun panning experience, thanks!

  14. Art

    Perfect paydirt, packed with nuggets!

  15. Tony

    An excellent bag of nugget-rich paydirt. I ran it twice to make sure nothing was missed.

  16. Jacob

    Just finished panning a bag and already looking forward to the next one!

  17. Ben

    My gold pan can’t believe how big these nuggets are!

  18. Zack

    Great cons, love finding all the gold hidden in these bags!

  19. Rachel

    Wow, these are larger nuggets than I thought!

  20. Thomas

    Good value and ROI for the money.

  21. Sydney

    Fast shipping and fun to search through the Chilkoot Pass cons for the golden treasures!

  22. Ethan

    We love your products, they always arrive fast and are a hit when we give them as presents!

  23. Robert

    Found great gold and everyone is happy!

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